A Strongly Worded Letter To 100 Layers Of Makeup Videos

Dear Internet Freaks,

Okay, so, I understand the need to be original. It’s literally so fucking hard to be unique now that the internet exists. Every time one person does something, 15 seconds later another person has already posted 10 blogs and 6 videos about that same exact thing and soon enough, every website ever will have a post or mention of that thing too. Beauty trends work that way, fashion trends work that way, none of this is news. However, this gives no excuse to the current craze of people slopping themselves in 100 layers of whatever beauty product they feel like and posting it online for all of posterity. (That means you, Jenna Marbles, I sort of expected more from you.) THERE IS LITERALLY NO REASON TO DO THIS and I don’t understand it, nor will I ever care to think it matters in any way, shape, or form.

First of all, why the fuck would you want to waste, like, an entire fucking bottle of nail polish or foundation or sets and sets and sets and sets of eyelashes just to make a stupid fucking YouTube video that won’t matter next year 10 minutes from now? I remember when I saw the first “100 layers of nail polish” video pop up on my Instagram explore and my initial thought—besides, “wow, what a giant waste of money and time“—was what the fuck is the point?

That brings us to my second issue: WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF THIS NONSENSE? Who got bored and was like, “hmmmmmm I wonder what my nails/face/eyelashes/body would look like if I did my usual beauty routine times 100?” Guess again loser, no one was wondering because nobody cares. I can proudly say that not once in my life have I ever looked at a beauty product and wanted to know what it would look like if I slathered myself in one-fucking-hundred layers of it. Whoever came up with this idea is seriously disturbed. 

You need help

In conclusion, these videos are stupid. If you haven’t seen them and don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m supremely jealous of you because my IQ has been lowered and I’m forever dumber knowing that they exist in this universe. I’m so bitter about it that I just did the same thing to you. You’re welcome.

I’ll stick to my one layer like a normal fucking person,

The Betches


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