USC Football Coach on Leave of Absence After Coaching Drunk

Steve Sarkisian had one of those “oh, shit” moments when he came out of his blackout yesterday.

The head football coach of USC was put on a mandatory leave of absence Sunday for reportedly showing up to the football offices that morning fucked up out of his mind.

Players and assistant coaches said he was slurring his words and had alcohol on his breath. Even better/worse, sources claim Sarkisian was drunk on the sidelines of USC’s game against Arizona State in September.

This all comes after Sarkisian got lit at a donor event for old people before the season, and told all the donors to “fight the fuck on,” a bold interpretation of the USC motto: fight on.

And now that he’s gone (at least temporarily), a bunch of stories about his inebriated past are coming out. For example, Sarkisian reportedly will only drink Patron tequila after a win. Respect. And apparently this isn’t the first time in his short coaching career at USC he’s showed up drunk to meetings.

The poor guy is going through a divorce and a shitty football season, and now he’s off to rehab. And you thought you were having a rough week.


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