Steph Curry Was Even Cuter than Riley As A Child in this Burger King Ad

If you think Steph Curry is adorable now, wait until you see this ad from the 90’s starring him as a young child. Since he’s NBA royalty, it features his dad Dell Curry, and doesn’t even mention his name. But he steals the show, coming out in his dad’s oversized T-shirt and asking to go to Burger King.

The best part of this is when he asks his dad how to become a successful NBA player. Bet Burger King didn’t realize they were getting 2 for 1 endorsements in this commercial, but now that Steph is the MVP of the NBA, it looks like his dream from this commercial came true.

This is almost as good as the Ryan Gosling jazz dancing as a child video. Almost. Maybe Riley will be even more successful than her dad in fifteen years.


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