Statement Rings Are The Shit this Year

Statement necklaces are so 2014, the thing this year is statement rings. Like big fucking rings, they can look like whatever you want as long as they get people’s attention. Vogue has spoken, big rings are in again.

So you can go ahead and throw out all those little “dainty” minimalistic stackable rings you got for Christmas. Big is better again. (Actually JK we’ll probably stick with the little gold stackable rings for day time and for nighttime we’ll be jumping on this big ring thing).

This is def a trend I can get on board with, big statement rings or “dinner rings” as your betchy grandma would call them are very betchy. In your face, obnoxious, expensive and impractical, just like us.

Anyway, go out and spend your whole paycheck on these rings that Vogue recommends, they look like really pretty to me.


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