Our Stars & Shots Collection is HERE! Make America Drunk Again

If you’re proud to be an American, because at least you know you’ll drink, we have the perfect collection for you. Betches is proud (and drunk) to announce our Stars and Shots collection for those who don’t see the difference between the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of alcohol; for those people who care about chasing their dreams as much as they do about chasing shots. 


Make America Drunk Again Tee

This white, unisex tee is perfect for the only message that matters this election season. Make America Drunk Again


Life Liberty & The Pursuit of Hard Alchohol Unisex Navy Tank


Life Liberty & The Pursuit of Hard Alchohol White Crop Top


Beacause isn’t drinking like our 24th amendment? 

Red Wine & Booze 

This is the perfect crop top for when you inevitabley get drunk. 


Our new collection includes an amazing assortment of red, white, and blue apparel to make this the best/most turnt Fourth of July of all time. Fourth of July is probably about America or something but isn’t this country about our freedom to care about nothing more than a different kind of America. Celebrate these liberties by shopping out Stars and Shots collection NOW.








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