Christmas Came Early: Starbucks Is Releasing New Summer Iced Coffees

MDW is the official start to summer. Pools are opened, diets are re-started, and Starbucks is releasing new iced coffee. Much like changing over your wardrobe from winter to summer, it’s time to change your Starbucks order. Spoiler Alert: If your summer drink is any type of frappuccino, stop reading now. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s to come:

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew


Tastes as good as it swirls. #VanillaSweetCreamColdBrew #ColdBrew #☕️❤️

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May 31, 2016 at 7:47am PDT

This is a combo of cold brew and a Skinny Vanilla Latte, and other than the extra calories, I’m totally on board. This is the drink version of when you visit your friends from high school: you’ve moved on to bigger and better things aka the cold brew, but you still love your OG betches aka the SKVL. For the working girl leaving the office for happy hour: mobile app order one and add some Kahlua.

Nitro Cold Brew


@starbucks nitro cold brew is lit ❤ #starbuckscoffee #nitrocoldbrew

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This is what the girls who just got back from study abroad in Italy or France will be ordering. It’s the exact same as a regular cold brew, except that it’s infused with nitrogen. So basically, anybody who isn’t hardcore enough for an iced Americano but wants to pretend they’re a coffee expert will order the Nitro, and much like a vegan talking about her diet, won’t shut the fuck up about the taste difference. But the Nitro is only available in major cities (Seattle, NYC, Portland, Boston, Chicago, LA, and San Fran), so suburban biddies are shit out of luck. 


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