What’s Starbuck’s New Flat White Drink?

This month Starbucks added a new drink to the menu: the Flat White. What is this, you ask? First, amazing. Second, Australian. Let’s not get it twisted, there’s nothing new about it, but it’s still the best thing at Starbucks.

From the land of the Hemsworth brothers comes your newest coffee obsession. A Flat White is basically a latte, but better in a few key ways. One, It’s smaller and has more caffeine, two shots of espresso. Two, the ratio is better. Less milk. 3. The milk isn’t as foamy. It’s microfoam, whatever that means. Either way it taste better. That’s about it. Starbucks officially describes the drink here: “it will be made from two ristretto espresso shots — which are smaller and more concentrated—topped off with whole milk steamed to a 'micro foam.”

Before the big move to Starbucks, Flat Whites were only available in the US at those hipster coffee joints that actually call themselves joints and have baristas who try to “get to know you.” Thankfully that whole charade can be avoided. We suggest you go out and get yourself a Flat White and realize what you’ve been missing.


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