Starbucks Emojis Have Finally Arrived

Aside from the four words of Spanish we learned from our childhood nannies, most betches are fluent in three languages: English, Emoji, and Starbucks. So, when Starbucks released its emoji keyboard app this week, we were like, finally.

The Starbucks keyboard is exactly what you would expect. Think cute little frappuccinos, cake pops, and our fav smileys sipping on their iced coffees. We thought life couldn’t get any better after the release of the middle finger emoji, but we were wrong. Just when we thought our go-to emojis were able to express our thoughts without using words, Starbucks came along and killed it with this new keyboard.

Here’s how it works. Once you download the app, you can add the keyboard to your phone in your preferences, like any other language. The company even said they’re planning on updating the app from time to time with new faces and drinks.

So, let’s all raise our venti cups and green straws to Starbucks. They just get us. I mean, some words just can’t get the message across like a purple unicorn sipping on a skinny vanilla frap.


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