Everyone Needs To Stop Freaking Out About Starbucks Holiday Cups

Apparently some losers are throwing a fit over Starbucks new holiday cups because they’re like too boring or something. In case you haven’t noticed, Starbucks relaunched their holiday cups by stripping down everything but the color and like the mermaid. The cups are now plain red with a mermaid on them, and nothing else.

I mean, it’s a little early for holiday cups seeing as it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But it’s just like, who cares? Apparently some people think the cups are an attack on Christmas, but since when was Starbucks the voice of Christmas? The red cups look kind of TTH in our opinion, but as long as the peppermint mochas stay the same we don’t really give AF.

It looks like Starbucks is trying to appeal to the whole app generation with this cup – like literally could see this cup on a billboard in Silicon Valley. Maybe they want to look more like red solo cups? Idk.  Either way, we don’t think Starbucks is trying to take down Christmas.  Pretty sure coffee is a drug anyway and I think drugs are against the bible. Whatever. We’re bored.



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