Spring/Summer 2014 Trends: Slutty Summer Sweaters

While some opt to bare it all like our long time gal-pal-bad-gal RiRi… 

…others choose to keep it a little classier and not to flash their nips and vag for the whole world to see. Unclear why. Regardless of which way people are showing off their bods, it’s all done by way of sheer clothing. We’re like really happy about it because the lords of fashion are telling us, yet again, that it’s totally okay to be slutty and giving us a new and refreshing avenue in which to do so. Let’s take a look.

Chic and Sheer


Dakota Fanning in Louis Vuitton and Diane Kruger in Elie Saab

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Sheer Summer Sweaters

Since lacy sheer dresses aren’t exactly #161 drunk brunch appropriate, though if you’re a betch you can make lacy ass-less chaps drunk brunch appropriate, we have good news for you. Sheer has also translated into summer sweaters. I know, summer sweaters, what? Well it’s a thing where you wear chic and somewhat loose sweaters in the spring and summer. With like shorts or ripped jeans. Groundbreaking. 


Khloe Kardashian in Alexander Wang and Miranda Kerr in Augustin Teboul

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Just Summer Sweaters

Honestly this look speaks for itself. Even though it may not be the sluttiest, I think we’ll live. We guarantee you’ll feel chic if you get a top in a neutral color, or perhaps something wild and bright, but then find some fucking air conditioning. 

Ashley Tisdale in Lauren Moshi, Hilary Duff in Lovers & Friends, and Rihanna in Lovers & Friends

Shop the not so slutty look but we have faith in you: 



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