The Betches’ Guide To Spring Break Shoes

Spring break is so close we can all basically taste it. It’s about that time in the semester where roommates start getting at each other’s throats—fighting for even the smallest reasons—and getting out of bed is nearly impossible. I mean, maybe that last part isn’t especially different this week but, regardless, let’s say for the sake of this article that you’re not actually that lazy and that you always get out of bed on a regular basis very easily. To help you make it through until spring break, let’s start fantasizing about your wardrobe. You already have your guide to swimwear, so let’s complete that with a guide to shoes. Your dad’s credit card might hate me for this, but you won’t.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are the most underrated of shoes. Everyone has a pair but it seems they really get delegated to the back of the line when it comes to footwear. They’re not just for pedicures and beach walking anymore. I mean, like, totally wear your exceedingly common but classic Havaianas to the beach, but give these other more stylish option a chance for brunch or dinner.

Tory Burch Terra flip flop

TKEES Glitter flip flop


Whether the shoe is open toed or closed, high heeled or flat, the lace-up trend is perfect for your time away.

Sam Edelman Dayna pump

Topshop Farewell gladiator sandals


Wedges might remind you too much of high school graduation but I think they’re exceedingly versatile.  Definitely a summer shoe, they’re perfect when you’re trying to go from day to night.

Dolce Vita Linsey lace-up wedge sandal

KENDALL + KYLIE Alexa studded wedge sandal


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