Spring Break Fashion Essentials: Make the Few Clothes You’ll Be Wearing Count

It’s March and that means spring break, betches. Spring Break is basically a rite of passage. You’ve spent years binge drinking to prepare your liver for this week of binge drinking. You’ve even gently told the guy you were kind of hooking up with that you just really need this Spring Break to find yourself. And by find yourself, you meant looking up where you are using the Google Maps app on your phone because you woke up in some random bro’s hotel room—your hookup understood that, right? You’ve made all the right preparations, and we’d hate for you to arrive at your capital-P Perfect Spring Break without the Perfect wardrobe. Thankfully, we’re imparting the wisdom we gained from a week forgotten to tell you the only real essentials you’ll need to be chic this spring break.

Maxi vs. Mini

Left to Right: Gigi’s Cream Pointelle Mini Dress // White Crotchet Maxi Dress  // UNIF Route Cutout at Back Dress // Jade Maxi Dress

It’s a rivalry as old as time. These two go with the beach better than free tequila shots go with everything. It’s spring break, so you’re obviously not required to wear much, but in those rare instances, like taking a picture to send to mom, when clothing is called for a maxi or mini dress is all you need. 

Sheer Delight

Left to Right Best Matches: Kylie’s Waist Tie Top //  Kendall’s Alexa Tunic in White Sheer // Alessandra’s Black Sheer Saving Face Cover Up

The perfect piece to go straight from the beach party to the beach. If you’re not wearing a bikini 100% of the time on spring break then you’re doing it all wrong, and in many cases a beach coverup is all you need to turn your bikini into a perfectly suitable outfit.

Carpe Denim

Left to Right: 1955 Shredded Shorts // Selena’s Classic Bonita Shorts // Nicole’s Hendrix Bandit Shorts

If only everything in life could be as simple as putting on a pair of cutoffs. Denim jeans were invented 142 years for miners to dig for gold in and girls have been cutting them up ever since for, well, basically that same exact purpose. There’s no better time to whip out your trusty pair of cutoffs, bonus points if your pockets are even longer than the shorts—you didn’t do those squats for nothing.

Wild Child

Left to Right: Hudson Jeans California Poppy Short // One Teaspoon Bonitas Shorts // Neon Blonde Shorts

If denim cutoffs were the trusty classic, then these neon colored shorts are their wacky cousins. They visit once in a while from out of town, but they always bring the best drugs and make you think you’re going to get really passionate about politics or something until about two seconds after they leave and you remember you don’t care about politics at all. Still, that really was the best pot ever. Colored shorts aren’t for everyday on the beach but the occasional pop of color will make you a standout.

Life Of The Party

Left to Right Best Matches: Chrissy’s Cruel Coral Mini Dress //Tropical Print Skirt // Printed Two Piece Set

After about five days of hitting up every overcrowded beach and hotel room in Cabo, believe it or not, you might crave something with a little more class. You’ve stepped on more smashed red cups than you have sand at this point, but not getting blacked out is still not an option. The obvious answer is a club, but that means putting on more than a bikini. This can obviously be frustrating news, but with a short, airy, and tropical-themed dress on-hand, getting dressed up will only be as painful as the first shot of the night.

No Shade, No Shade

Left to Right: Shay’s Quay Kitti Cat-Eye Sunglasses // Wildfox Catfarer Deluxe Sunglasses // Quay Invader Sunglasses // Quay Tilly White Sunglasses

No spring break would be complete without a signature pair of sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses unique enough so that you can be easily identified in every blurry selfie you take with those people you just met/your new BFFs for life, but casual enough so that you don’t look desperate for attention. The best way to do this is team up classic models, like aviators, cat eyes, or wayfarers, in cool styles, like see-through, gold, or cheetah pattern shades.


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