That Spray On Nail Polish is Sold Out, FML

Earlier this week, when I heard the news that spray on nail polish exists and that it would be going on sale yesterday, I was literally running through the streets spreading the good word. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of other betches and basics were doing exactly the same thing. The shit is already sold out. It really is too good to be true.

ICYMI, this stuff called “Paint Can” is exactly what it sounds like; an aerosol can filled with spray on nail polish. All you do to apply is spray the shit on your nails for 20 seconds, let it dry and then rinse off the excess on your fingers with soap and water. All those hours perfecting the perfect brush stroke, when we should’ve been doing our algebra homework sounds like they might have been in vain. BUT, we wont know until these fuckers restock.  To be continued…



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