Valentine’s Day Ideas To Do With Your Besties

What’s a single betch to do being, well, single this Valentine’s Day? You’re in luck, betches. We’ve partnered with the makers of “How to be Single” (in theaters now) to give you a how-to on how-to-not have a super crappy V-day alone. 

The easiest way to be lonely this Valentine’s Day is to actually spend it alone. Instead, rally the troops for a girls’ day. Here’s what you can do.

Better Yourself

Even though betches are already perfect and should, like, never change. Spend this Valentine’s Day focusing on you. Spend money on yourself and not some rando dude who you probably don’t really love. Throw some cash down with your friends to spend the day at the spa or with your favorite SoulCycle instructor. There will probably be some single eye candy in your class, too. What could be better than that? If you don’t spin, any workout class or just some solid gym time can substitute.

Time To Do Dating Apps

The relationship betches out there are definitely going to be posting romantic stuff and pics of the gifts their significant other got them. Probably best to avoid most, if not all, social media on V Day, unless, of course, you’re an avid user of dating apps. Valentine’s Day is probably the thirstiest day of the year, so it’s a great opportunity to make a match or just chat up some new prospects. This opens you to prime conversation opportunity with your other single friends. You wouldn’t swipe right without your friends’ approval, would you?

Drop Some Dough

If Valentine’s Day isn’t a good enough reason to blow a wad of cash on yourself, what is? Start your day of celebrating your freedom with your friends by having an epic, booze-filled brunch. Cost is not an issue on this day. If you want one of those Bloody Mary’s that’s garnished with a cheeseburger, go for it. If you want a Mimosa, hold the orange juice and the glass, you just do you, girl. Don’t worry about the calories; you can work those off later at SoulCycle. This should be a time of celebration with your friends, like your birthday, only you’re celebrating the fact you don’t have a ball and chain.

After brunch, do something you want to do. This should probably be shopping. Buy those Louboutins, the red bottom is, like, Valentine’s Day related, right? Spend some cash on a new swimsuit. Spring break is around the corner, and you won’t have to worry about gaining three pounds after eating your feelings in chocolate truffles. You don’t need feelings, you have your friends and a great day and a new outfit. No relationship can top that.

After your day of doing everything amazing you want to do because you don’t need no man, check out “How to Be Single” for even more Valentine’s Day entertainment. It’s like super funny and not going make you feel all sappy and gross. Oh, and it’s in theaters now.

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