The Betchiest New Show On TV: Idiotsitter

In the middle of a miserable winter, there’s nothing that warms a betch’s cold heart quite like cuddling up to a nice glass of alcohol and watching a binge-worthy show. Comedy Central and us Betches want to make sure you’re not missing out on the betchiest new show on TV right now: Idiotsitter which you can catch Thursdays at 10:30/9:30c or on the CC app.

We’re going to be honest with you, this show is casually really great. It’s the female buddy comedy you’ve been asking for, and by that, we mean one that doesn’t involve Melissa McCarthy.  Instead, you get Jillian Bell, of Workaholics fame, and Charlotte Newhouse.

So you have two characters on opposite sides of the spectrum. One is a poor nice girl, the other, a hell of a good time but kind of a hot mess.  Still, you’ll probably relate to qualities in each of the main betches.
Gene is a daddy’s girl. Honestly, what betch isn’t? 
Example: “He’s the freaking best, are you kidding me? He bails me out when I’m in trouble and gives me cool stuff.” 
Um, exactly. That’s a dad’s job.
Also, Billie has those horrible post grad woes and is still trying to figure stuff out outside of the academia/student loan free bubble. 

Example: “Can someone repossess your car while you’re still driving it?”  

Which is honestly a pretty decent question and something you should probably look into.

Both characters are actually a lot more likable than their on-paper descriptions. Trust us. Like, you kind of find yourself rooting for both of them to succeed and also be best friends forever while simultaneously laughing your ass off. It’s a pretty decent combination, and not a bad way to spend a Thursday night.

You can catch new episodes on Thursdays (TONIGHT!) at 10:30/9:30c after Workaholics on Comedy Central or catch up and stay caught up on the CC app.

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