Betches of the Week: Abbi and Ilana

This week we’re changing it up by serving you the realness of not just one, but two Betches of the Week – none other than Comedy Central’s favorite besties – Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.  As you already know, because you have of course been watching, Broad City is the best non-sad show on tv that isn’t a part of The Bachelor series. Abbi and Ilana epitomize what it means to be BFFs because no matter what kind of crazy, hilarious shit is going down in their lives, they always find time to Skype each other (even if one of them is literally in the middle of hooking up). Their DGAF attitude makes Broad City a literal Bible of betchdom, which is all the more reason for you to stop whatever the fuck you’ve been doing and binge watch every episode immediately. Seriously. You need this show (and p.s. new episodes start tonight).  Ever wondered what to say to creepy dudes who tell you to smile? Abbi and Ilana have the answer:  

Broad City legit has something for everyone. Are you a stoner betch? Well then Ilana is here to explain why your vagina is a 100% acceptable place to store your stash. Do you suffer from anxiety? Then let Abbi be your role model and show you how to never let anything get in the way of you singing “On The Edge of Glory” naked when your roommate (‘s boyfriend) is finally out of the house. 

Broad City is hilarious, fresh, and has given us gems like – “Anal is on the menu!” and of course, introduced us to the joys of screaming “Yaaaaas KWEEN” whenever possible. The BC girls do this all while staying cool AF and celebrating the betchiest thing of all – powerful female friendships. Abbi and Ilana obviously love each other which is what makes Broad City so dope. Like, if I wanted to watch women fight I’d have gone to the opening of Balmain for H&M. No thanks. Broad City has none of that bs, and instead shows two powerful, kick ass twenty somethings who are sexy, hilarious, and hate their jobs – just like us. 

The trailer for season three is out now and had us all literally screaming at our lunch break so don’t forget to watch Broad City – all new Wednesdays (TONIGHT) at 10/9c on Comedy Central and anytime on the CC App!

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