Betch of the Week: Deadpool

Can guys be betches? Sure; at least, when they’re a superhero and a super smart ass like Deadpool. Us Betches, along with 20th Century Fox, don’t want you to miss out on the premiere of Deadpool this Valentine’s Day. That’s why we need you to know that Deadpool is a straight up betch.

Why see Deadpool? Well, if you and your boyfriend want to agree on something for once, we counter with, why not?

First of all, Deadpool is played by Ryan Reynolds and, we mean, c’mon. It’s Ryan Reynolds. Secondly, depending on how much you know about comics and the Deadpool series, it’s, like, a well-known fact that Deadpool is the wittiest out there. He’s also, like, unable to die which is like the coolest superpower we’ve ever heard. Plus, the guy breaks the fourth wall like a champ and kicks some major ass while also being charmingly relatable to both betches and their Valentine’s Day dates.

Whether you’re on the side of the fence that thinks V-Day was invented to sell greeting cards or you’re on the side that thinks it’s your favorite holiday of all effing time, this movie is for you. There’s romance, but it’s also served up with a hot side dish of snark and superhero-action. Plus, you’re going to score some major points with your date for suggesting this movie and not some lovey-dovey garbage he has no desire to sit through.

A happy V-Day date means more presents for you!

So save the date, and save your date from a boring date, and check out Deadpool in theaters this Friday, February 12. 

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