Garbage Humans Spencer And Heidi Pratt Side With Taylor Swift

Somehow Spencer and Heidi Pratt made themselves more unlikeable. I know it seems impossible that the people who made up a rumor that a close friend had a sex tape could stoop lower, but they have. They’re both Team Taylor Swift.

Spencer and Heidi did a video with Cosmopolitan on Facebook Live called Prattmopolitan (lol, no) in which they weighed in on the feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Why they thought their opinion on this matter was relevant, we’ll never know.

Heidi started off strong and criticized Taylor for “playing it too cool” and being “too nice” on the phone call with Kanye. Proving yet again that nicegirls truly do finish last. But she think that it’s still fucked up that Kanye didn’t tell Taylor he was going to call her a bitch. It would have “disturbed” her. Oh, as much as her plastic surgery disturbed the rest of the world? 

Also, can we get this out of the way once and for all? If you are a woman in this day and age and are truly this upset by being called a bitch ONE TIME, you really need to get out more. You wouldn’t last a day on Tinder, let alone in the real world.

Anyway, Spencer chimed in to say he thinks that Kim fucked up by putting Taylor on blast. It’s unsurprising that a person who has been lying to himself about his hairline for years thinks it’s better to obscure the truth. But he took it to a whole new level with “I think Taylor should’ve been on the cover of Forbes.” For what, having the third most liked Instagram photo? Making the most money off of suing her own fans? 

But they do have one argument that we can all agree with: poor Tom Hiddleston. 

You can watch the entire video below, but it’s 23 fucking minutes long, which is 23 minutes longer than Spencer and Heidi should ever be allowed to speak. 


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