Space Jam 2 Is Happening, There Is A God

Monday, the rumor started circulating that Lebron James is all set to star in Space Jam 2. Obvi, Lebron has some large shoes to fill (literally and figuratively) after Michael Jordan starred in the original in 1996.

The rumor picked up steam just recently because James’ production company (and, yes, Lebron owns part of a production company), signed a “content creation” deal with Warner Bros. Entertainment after the studio filed new trademarks on “Space Jam”. It is the 20 year anniversary of the film, after all.

Space Jam, the original, is still the highest grossing basketball movie of all time. Take that, Coach Carter. And its soundtrack was wildly successful, for good reason. I mean, if you don’t lip sync with gusto to R. Kelly’s smooth vocals on “I Believe I Can Fly” any and every time it comes on, who even are you?

The O.G. Space Jam also gave us Lola Bunny. As far as I’m concerned, she was probably the biggest inspiration for elementary school girls to play basketball in the years 1996-2004. Lola was a betch bunny. She was hot, better at basketball than every other Looney Toon and also DGAF about how much Bugs cared about her. She was cold, cool and collected even when the Monstars were kicking Toon Squad ass in the first-half.

Space Jam is actually the reason I’m fully convinced I could get sucked down a golf hole at any minute by cartoon characters. It’s not probable; I’m just saying it could happen.

The only thing bad about this movie possibility is that Lebron is taking the lead. Now the whole “He’ll never be Michael Jordan because Space Jam” argument is totally moot. Thanks, Obama.


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