Gwyneth Paltrow Introduces Souping As The New Juicing

Walk down 1st Avenue in New York’s trendy East Village and you’ll find a line up of healthy betches, sporting their Lululemon track jackets and Whole Foods recyclable tote bags. Are they lining up for some charcoal lemonade smoothie? A new organic ginger juice? No, these girls are waiting for soup, and they’re getting it at Brodo, a small, trendy health food pop-up that has one thing on their menu: bone broth.

On Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, GOOP, she recently posted an article suggesting women detox with broth, not juice. As the face of barre classes and coconut oil, we listen to Gwyneth when she tells us how to cleanse.

So what’s the deal with souping anyway? Like, we were just getting used to the taste of cold pressed celery. It turns out natural animal broths have a ton of health benefits, like healing digestive tissue, reviving sore muscles, clearing blemishes from the skin, and strengthening your hair and nails. With all of these superfood benefits, you can skip your supplements and slurp down some hot bone broth.

Don’t be too quick to swipe left. Bone broth is low calorie and super filling, and can actually taste good. Brodo offers add-ins like ginger, lemon juice, grated turmeric, and coconut milk in their broths, so you don’t exactly have to plug your nose to drink it. In fact, Paleo food company, Epic Provisions, recently started making artisan bottled broths that come in flavors like turkey cranberry, savory chicken, and beef japalpeno sea salt. Sounds a lot better than wheatgrass and cayenne pepper.

Plus, bone broth contains a protein called glycine, which helps with detoxification in your body by flushing toxins out of the liver, so this broth might actually help your hangover too. With this many health benefits, we’re wondering why we haven’t been souping our whole lives. This shit should’ve been in our baby bottles. 


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