SoulCycle Is Offering Hamilton Themed Rides For All You Theater Nerds

Whether you’re actually into our founding fathers or you just got locked out of the Kanye themed ride, you may find yourself tapping it back to the Hamilton soundtrack this summer.

After Hamilton won like, five thousand awards at the Tony’s last weekend and stole the attention away from every other show, we’re left feeling a bit confused as to why tickets to this musical cost more than Kylie Jenner’s rent.

So, it’s time to get cultured and sign up for SoulCycle’s Hamilton rides. These rides are available at 62 SoulCycle locations in the US and they’re literally getting sold out every Monday. The musical is super popular, so if you care at all about pop culture or political musicals, get your Soul app ready when the clock hits noon.

Gabby Etrog Cohen, the senior VP of Soul Cycle’s PR and brand strategy is raving about the business this musical is bringing the brand. She said in a recent statement, “There is nothing more magical than riding to the beat of the music as a pack to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s extraordinary masterpiece.”

If you thought sweating to the beat of Beyoncé’s “Formation” was inspiring, try tapping it back to songs about the most popular bro around right now, Alexander Hamilton. 


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