Some Guy Fucked A McDonald’s Sandwich And Broke The Internet

Just in case we needed more proof that these days you can go viral for doing literally anything, this week the #McChicken hashtag was born. It all started when some dude uploaded a video of himself fucking a McChicken sandwich. YES LITERALLY. Think the first American Pie movie, but without Eugene Levy walking in and ruining it in the middle.

The video itself is…interesting, but what really put the story over the top were the on point responses of basically the entire internet. #McChicken was the top trending topic on Twitter, and some people really knocked it out of the park. Here are some of the best tweets:

We all need Jesus right now tbh.

We’re, like, very sure Chrissy Teigen doesn’t eat McDonalds, but whatever.

There’s never a wrong time for a Ron Swanson meme.

Now is not the time for self promotion, Seth.

There’s nothing wrong with a little side chicken.

We’re pretty sure McChicken lube is going to be the next big thing. God help us all.


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