Sole Society and Teen Vogue Want to Give You $1000 to Go Shopping

The title basically says it all. The website Sole Society teamed up with Teen Vogue (we see you LC and Whit circa the golden years) to bring you all (because they obviously know the “it girls” are betches) this sick chance to fly to LA and spend $1000 on a bunch of shit of your choosing. Just keep reading because that's not even close to the best part. 

The What: 

The Who:

Fashion Betches who want something game changing to put on their resume and know the meaning of VIP. 

The How: 

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The Why:

Really? Here's some stuff we bought from Sole Society while we were procrastinating writing articles last night. 

Brandice mini backpack, Jilly sunglasses, Coco bucket bag, Teresa sandals, Cutout Armor ring

Article sponsored by Sole Society and Teen Vogue


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