We’re Doing a Social Media Cleanse And So Should You

Everyone knows a betch without her phone is like a night without the moon or Spring Break without tequila. The mere thought of going an hour without refreshing Instagram is enough to induce a panic attack of like, accidentally-quadruple-texted-a-guy proportions. We're pretty sure this qualifies us as Mobile Maniacs…

Apparently we've heard that having such a strong addiction to our phones is probably not the healthiest thing, so we decided to try something almost impossible. Inspired by our favorite diet method, #181 cleanses, and ABC's new show Selfie about an obsessive social media maven attempting to like, actually live in the moment instead of on her phone, we're doing our very own Selfie Social Media Cleanse.

On September 16th, we won't be using our phones to post selfies or on social media at all for 24 whole hours. We know it's crazier than Angelina in Girl Interrupted, but it's happening. And since a betch would never even go to the bathroom without her besties, we're requesting that you do this cleanse with us. Trust us, this is going to be a THING.

It's officially happening on September 16th, but feel free to attempt this social media miracle with us any time between September 16th and September 30th (the day Selfie premieres on ABC, duh.) We're definitely freaking out about this inside a little (a lot), but if our moms could do a social media cleanse for like, their entire childhoods, at least we know we won't drop dead or anything. I mean, at least we still have texting.

We know this cleanse would be nothing unless you told everyone about it after (in case they think your absence on social media means you died or like, got a really bad screen crack), so we obviously want to hear your feedback on the experience upon your return to social media. Since you'll probably be going through hashtag withdrawal, you can use #SelfieSocialCleanse, #SelfieABC, and @SelfieABC to let everyone know how successful you were and how you are so totally Zen without your phone anyway. Good luck, betches. See you off Instagram.



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