Watch Snoop Dogg Get High And Narrate Planet Earth

Planet Earth was what nice girls Tivo-ed to watch at home on Friday nights before Friends was on Netflix. It’s all about animals having sex and killing each other, but it’s not Game of Thrones. Anyway, Jimmy Kimmel took a break from Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets to produce Snoop Dogg narrating Planet Earth, and it is the best thing to happen since Starbucks started serving cold brew iced coffee.


who made this ?? lets get this shit going . who want more #PlizzanetEarth ?!

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Basically, Snoop Dogg gets really high, watches Planet Earth, and talks about it, which is still a better plot premise than Total Divas. Everyone is obsessed with these videos, because they’re fucking hilarious and just so bizarre. But because the Internet has no chill, people made a petition on for Snoop Dogg to narrate an entire season. So far, 52,000 people have signed the petition, which is pretty impressive, considering that Snoop Dogg could produce this TV show in his living room. 


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