Snooki Quits Day Job, Becomes Rapper

Stop what you’re doing. Nicole LaValle (formerly Snooki) now goes by Yung Mommy, and she just released her first record.

As if she doesn’t have enough going on since the death of Jersey Shore—that awkward Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip show, or her spinoff with JWoww, or her YouTube series, or like, raising her kids. I can see her and JWoww discussing this after multiple bottles of wine. “You TOTALLY need a rapping career…put your bump-it back in and kick some ass, girl.”

So, she slapped together some words that rhyme, grabbed the kids, and created a shitty music video that’s reminiscent of the crap produced by the A/V nerds in high school. Or Rebecca Black.

snooki tweet yung mommy

The song is auto-tuned, making it more bearable than listening to her actual voice, which I imagine sounds a lot like her stress shriek. Perhaps it’s a parody—nod to Fergie—or perhaps she’s just being her random and idiotic self. Let’s just pray to any God that this is a joke and not actually going to turn into a full-length career.

And you thought you were done with this meatball.


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