Snooki Got Married This Weekend

Snooki got married this weekend and it was Great Gatsby themed because it was the last book she read movie she saw.

JWoww, Deena, Sammi Sweetheart (Rahhhhnnn Stahhhp) and some non-famous, non-alcoholic girls were her bridesmaids. They wore black dresses, which were left over from when they assumed Snooki would die in Italy during the fourth season of Jersey Shore.

The most important part of this wedding is that the Situation and Vinny were not invited. Apparently, Snooki hates the Situation, which like tbh who doesn't fucking hate him and his spray on abs, and her husband Jionni hates Vinny because he's the one that got away. Part of me is still pretty upset that Snooki and Vinny didn't end up together – they really had the perfect 21st century relationship (hooked up a couple of times until she set an ultimatum and they start dating).

At least Snooki stayed true to herself enough to tweet “hungover with my husband.” It just proves you can get married, have two children, and still slam tequila shots.




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