Tina Fey Pushes Her Playboy Poses on Weekend Update Like A Boss

Tina Fey proves her superiority once again with her appearance on this weekend’s SNL Weekend Update. Obvs you’ve heard that the magazine Playboy has announced they’ll no longer be showing nudes by now. Playboy not showing nudes is like your ex wanting to still have late night chats but is now having sex with someone else. Though the chats might be funny/interesting/sexy who knows, but probably not. It’s like, whatever. 

Anyways, Ms. Norbury Tina Fey went on SNL as Cultural Shift to discuss her opinion on the recent announcement. She explains that her dream has always been to pose for Playboy, and then she gets on the table and poses in front of Colin Jost, much to the delight of the audience. It reminds us of when we’re drunk, but in a good way. Like, “Ooh I know a dance to this song! You want to see my dance?” And then the next thing we know we’re on top of the bar, and then under it.


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