SNL Made Fun Of The Diversity Problem in the Oscars

The internet went crazy (again) after the Oscars announced their nominees for best actors and actresses were all white AF. Hollywood has historically not got the best track record for not being racist, but in light of all the conflict that’s happened in the last year which even we know about, it seemed especially insensitive.

This weekend SNL did a sketch calling out the Oscars and it was pretty spot on. TBH we always assumed the Oscars weren’t that inclusive, if you consider the fact that even for a white guy the odds of getting nominated and winning one are pretty slim. I mean, Leo hasn’t even won an Oscar.

But SNL’s sketch calls out the fact that two films that had black leading cast and did pretty well with the critics had their only white person nominated. Those films were Creed and Beasts of No Nation, and in the sketch, SNL takes it to the next level by  nominating a tourist who “accidentally” walks onto set during a powerful monologue supposedly from Beasts of No Nation.

Honestly, award shows are kind of bullshit to begin with, but it sounds like the Oscars really fucked up this year. Time to do some philanthropy if you want to stay on the row, Academy.


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