The Highlights Of SNL 40 In Case You Missed It

Curveball – Saturday Night Live was on Sunday. The show celebrated its 40th anniversary and invited all of their hosts and musicians back for one massive 3.5 hour parade of celebrity rivaling the Grammys / Oscars. For all of those who missed it, here’s what happened.

1. Kanye decided to perform on the ground. He literally just squatted on the stage on his back and sang a #tbt ‘Jesus Walks’ and threw in ‘Only One.’ Sia may or may not have been there. Nobody knows with the hair. Not a single Kardashian appeared, which was the biggest shock of the night.



2. Taylor Swift and Olivia Pope aka Kerry Washington were in a skit together for no apparent reason.

3. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon opened with a bunch of guest appearances which was predictable. Still don’t think Fallon is funny.

4. Everyone made jokes about Betty White being a slut.

5. Chevy Chase is now fat.

6. Molly Shannon did Superstar.

7. Will Ferrell is still the funniest.

8. Eddie Murphy hasn’t fucking aged and it’s super weird.

9. ’50 Shades of Grey’ has the most aggressive publicity team of all time. See: all magazine covers and their obvious Dakota Johnson promo plant.

10. Paul McCartney is continuing on in his hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model / relevant in the 21st century.

11. Maya Rudolph is Beyonce.



12. Bradley Cooper is actually funny. He also made out with Betty White.



13. A lot of people got old.

14. And JK, obviously Kim was there.



There you have it. #SNL40


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