The Best Sneakers For When You’re Trying to Lose 3 Pounds

It wasn’t long ago that we all decided we were going to be better people for the new year. No more drunk eating after the bar and, like, maybe we’d attempt to lift a weight instead of spending a half hour staring at our phones on the elliptical. But, alas, here we all are, just as fat as we were before and now, failing at a goal. #GoUs. Get yourselves out of this slump the same way you get yourselves out of every slump; go shopping.




Nike Juvenate | Nike Air Max Thea

If you’re one of those betches who actually runs for more than 30 seconds, congratulations. You’ll need a sneaker with a lot of ankle and cushioning so you don’t fall off the treadmill. Despite how hilarious everyone in the gym would find it, it’d probably hurt. Try one of these to look like you know what you’re doing.

Cross Training

Reebok Crossfit Nano  | Nano 2.0

Cross training, otherwise known as that annoying thing really buff guys all call CrossFit. Are you #vegan too? Please keep telling us about your workout but if you’re going to, at least be wearing the right shoes. If you’re going to be obnoxious, don’t also be stupid.


Group Fitness Classes

Addidas Ultra Boost 

If classes are more your thing, there’re also sneakers you should be wearing depending on the activity.  Like, for SoulCycle you need stationary bike shoes and for Zumba you need their dance shoes.  Investigate and invest if you plan to be an avid attendee.  For your general group fitness junkie, try these.


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