Is Snapchat Still Cool?

Snapchat – the app you use to validate your life. Snap it or it didn’t happen.

Whether you use it to see what your friends are up to or to stalk your ex or to stay in the know with your fave brands, 100 million of you betches are using it daily.

Sure, some perv somewhere has the 8,000 some pictures sent every second (including the nudes), but we use it.

The company is valued at over $10 billion bucks and has been rated the third most popular app among millennials (like, even more than Twitter), regardless of the influx of businesses using it to BS their consumers.

So like, is it still cool to use?


Where else can you find new entertainment on a daily basis? Where else can you torture your friends with an unlimited stream of useless video at a length unbeknownst to them? Tell me, where else can you shamelessly use emojis, bad lighting and shitty geo-tags?

Long live drunk snaps. Long live poorly illustrated versions of ourselves as Disney princesses. And most importantly, long live the advent of being snapfat. 


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