The New Snapchat Update Is A Goddamn Betrayal

Snapchat has always been a haven for quickly forgotten regrets—drunk selfies, nudes, double chins… Despite our besties screenshotting us at our ugliest and messiest, it’s been a very forgiving app. Until now. The new updated software includes a feature called “Memories,” which is ironically exactly what the original app was supposed to prevent.

Memories saves old Snaps and uses them to create new Stories. The good news is that if you looked amazing in a July 4th Snap that was only up for 24 hours, you can repost it. There will be a border around it telling everyone that you’re a thirst trap, but whatever—do it for the Story. The other saving grace is the “My Eyes Only” folder aka where you can hide pics of you at your worst from your friends. Or your nudes. Either way.

Honestly, this is just another way that social media tries to innovate and just fucks with us. Like, did Instagram need to have longer vidoes? Did Facebook need the reaction buttons? Does Snapchat need to remind us that we’re human disasters? No to all of the above. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The only thing Snapchat needs to do is bring back the Best Friends feature. 


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