There’s A New App That Counts The Calories In Your Food Instas

Taking pics of your food is like, half the fun of eating. I mean, did you even go to brunch if you didn’t Insta your avocado toast and bloody mary? Nope, you didn’t.

Now that photographing our food is becoming more natural to us than the act of chewing, the company Lose It! is totally monetizing on this psychotic reality. They’re launching a new app called Snap It!, which will literally count the calories in the food pics you take. That’s right—this app will help you keep track of all the shit you’re eating, just by sending in a pic.

You can choose to scan the barcode of the food you’re eating and send it in, or you can simply take a pic of your spicy tuna roll and they’ll calculate the calories for you. Obviously it won’t be a hundred percent accurate, but dieting betches are already all over this app. Another thing the app does is recognizes nearby restaurants and pulls up the menu for you, suggesting the healthiest items on the menu for you to order. Whether you take their advice or not is your issue, but like, could be cool.

Using the app all the time could get a bit obsessive, but the point is to be aware of the calories you’re consuming without spending all day logging shit in a food journal. Like, how do people have time for that? I can barely remember to take my birth control. 


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