Creative Ways People Are Sneaking Alcohol Into Saudi Arabia

So it’s not unknown that in parts of the Middle East, alcohol is prohibited. Just because it’s the religious law though, doesn’t mean people can actually abide by it. If you think Sober January is hard to do, imagine living in a desert and not being able to blackout. Actually, most of the Middle East is very beautiful and not all desert, but living anywhere sober for long enough will get to you.

Enter the most creative ways people have tried to smuggle alcohol across the Saudi Arabian border. If you thought you were being creative with your secret compartment in your fanny pack at EDC, think again. These smugglers make your BSCB friend that put a flask up her vagina look like a nun.

From hiding in canisters to fake Pepsi labels, people will go a long way for a gin and tonic, it seems.  Regardless of your religion, it appears that we all have a little bit of Don Draper in us. Anyway, happy end of Sober January.


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