How To Fall Asleep With Your Makeup On

So in case you missed it, last month Kim Kardashian admitted to committing the ultimate cardinal sin. (No, not cutting her child out of a photo and then shadily posting it on insta). Falling asleep with her makeup on.

Because Kimmy’s MUA, Mario Dedivanovic, knows that some of her idiots fans, do everything she does, he recently gave ELLE some tips on the correct way to fall asleep with your own makeup on. Mario is pretty much exactly like your mom when she started letting you drink at 15. Like, if you’re going to do it, at least do it right. Here, take my Grey Goose. 

Anyway, here’s the basis of Mario’s tips, and like, don’t worry it’s all just as fucking ridiculous as it sounds.

1. Set Your Makeup

You know, so it doesn’t get fucked up overnight. From all your sleeping. Mario recommends Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Finish Loose Powder

2. Go Through Your Full Skin Care Routine Before You Put on Makeup

Since you’re obviously not going to be washing and moisturizing your face before bed like usual, do all that stuff with extra care before you put on the full face of makeup. 

3. Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Honestly, you should be doing this anyway. Cotton is for fucking peasants. Get out. 

4. Lie On Your Back

Better not move. If you move, everything’s ruined.

5. Don’t Ever Exceed 18 Hours Of Wear

IDK, 18 hours still seems pretty damn excessive, but my first marriage will probably last longer than 72 days, so obviously my sense of time is all screwed up!

Here’s a better idea, Mario: Don’t sleep in your makeup at all! If Kimmy can get rid of Kris Humphries (which tbh was probably waaaaaay harder than teaching him how to tie his own gigantic shoes), I think we can all get rid of our makeup before bed.


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