SkyMall Is Bankrupt So People In Coach Can’t Buy Stupid Shit Anymore

SkyMall – aka the magazine that started your unexplainable want for pointless things (see: personalized clocks) – declared bankruptcy. Tbh, it's not that surprising that nobody wanted to buy moonshoes and mini-pretend school kits anymore. Sure that shit was super cool in 2003, but so was Paris Hilton's diagonal skirt trend. Instead of catching up on the latest inflatable dog house design, we send a plane snapchat selfie with variations on the “bye Felicia” caption. It's kind of like a part of our childhood is dying. Sure it's the sad, poor, and irrelevant part, and nowhere near as upsetting as when Delia's went bankrupt (RIP), but make sure to pour some out for SkyMall (1995-2015).


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