Situationship: Betchy Linguistics

Okay betches, this word has been popping up around the block and we’re fully on board so get with it. A situationship is anything that is not a relationship but is like, more than nothing. So, basically, everything.

Sometimes, you go from ‘it’s casual’ to ‘um… it’s casual?’ and that’s when you’re in a situationship. Ten years ago, dating fell into three categories: Single, Not Single, and Friends With Benefits. Nowadays, these categories are outdated because there’s a label (or non-label) for everything.

If you’ve been dating for longer than two months, and he’s said something like “I’m not looking for anything serious” but yet you’re spending Sunday Funday together and you’ve met his guy friends and possibly his ex-girlfriends as well, then you are in a situationship. If his text response rate is less than 60% and disappears for a week at a time, but you’re his plus 1 for every wedding and he bought you a Christmas gift, then you’re in a situationship.

We first heard this word being used in a negative light, but we think it can be neutral as well.  Like, if you’re pregaming with your friend and you want to know how things are going with that guy, you could casually ask, “How’s the situationship with Preston?”  When you’re tired of launching into a presentational speech every time your friends ask you what your status is, just reply “It’s a situationship.”

Hopefully, your situationship is a temporary phase. Because you can only really be in one situationship at a time, even if you’re casually seeing other people. The bro involved is usually like being held on probation for something he did wrong, or you’re like developing feelings that you haven’t quite decided what to do with yet. Eventually, the situationship will transition into being actually whatever, or you’ll define the relationship or break things off because it’s too serious or you’re bored.

It’s never a good idea to stay in a situationship for too long, because before you know it you’ll be dealing with all the cons of being in a relationship without the pros.


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