Simone Biles’ Vogue Interview Is V Uncomfortable

The last thing I’d want to do is shit on the sparkly American gem that is Simone Biles, but after watching her recent interview with Vogue, let’s just say she should stick with the backflips. We all know that Simone Biles is a fucking prodigy that has accomplished more at age 19 than we will in a lifetime. She’s the best female gymnast of all time, won five golds in Rio, and might even be the only reason we still participate in the arms portion of SoulCycle. You get the point—the girl kills it.

However, when Vogue interviewed her for their classic “73 questions” segment, her answers were clearly SO scripted and SO awkward. Like, Simone’s awkwardness in the interview makes Kendall Jenner look like a talk show host.

Kendall Jenner nervous laugh

From the second the interviewer asks how life is treating her and she robotically replies “life is good,” we knew this interview would be a shit show. It’s definitely worth a watch, because we found out some semi-important info, like about her crush on Zac Efron and that she gets pumped up listening to G-Eazy, but the rest is literally bullshit. She also mentions she wants to meet Jennifer Lawrence, so maybe she can give her some acting tips.

Watch the video and get ready to cringe along with America’s fav trampoline-bouncing, back-flipping, gold-winning athlete. Simone, you’re betchy AF but like, stick with what you’re good at, or at least take a shot or something before your next on-camera interview.


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