10 Non-Mainstream Signs of Intimacy

Relationships are weird. We know that. We Betches teamed up with the people behind the amazing new Netflix series: LOVE to give you the 10 signs you’re with the person of your dreams without falling for any of that crap from songs or movies or books. This is real life people, and this is how to tell if you’re really in LOVE.

1. They ignore your bad habits

Apart from some major deal breakers, your ride or die will totally accept your bad habits, even if they don’t necessarily agree with them. If you have to have a cigarette or fast food to get you through a hangover, this person just shrugs it off. Sure they care about your health and shit, but they realize you’re a grown ass person and can make your own decisions. Plus, fast food hash browns are delicious.

2. They don’t care what you wear

The love of your life is not going to give a shit if you live in your yoga pants when you’re not at work or if you think a red-one piece under jeans is an acceptable going-out outfit. They’re still going to think the sun shines out your ass in formal wear or in, well, nothing.

3. Your weird jokes make sense

If someone can’t tell when you’re joking and when you’re being totally serious, add that person to your dunzo list and stop fucking them. Your sarcasm, wit and sense of humor will usually always land with the person you’re meant to be dating.

4. They rally against your ex

Your ex probably totally sucks, that’s why you aren’t with them anymore. If you bring them up, your S/O isn’t going to get jealous and make it weird, they’re going to totally agree with you about just how much that person sucks. Which is a lot.

5. Your social media situation is whatever

Being in a relationship on Facebook is the refuge of the pathetic these days. If you care that much that your guy or girl is tied to you on social media, you need to check your self-confidence because it sounds like it sucks. A legit relationship doesn’t need 100 Instagram posts or Facebook statuses or tweets to be real. It just is and that’s no one’s business but your own.

6. Your life gets easier

All the stuff that used to stress you out during your past relationships isn’t an issue now. Whether it be your ex’s coke habit, the fact they lived with their parents, or were just a straight up loser, your new flame’s antics can’t compare to the kind of fuckery your ex put you through. Life and relationships just seem, like, weirdly easier now. Woah.

7. You like looking at them

You know, when you don’t super like someone, seeing or not seeing their face is just whatever. If it happens it happens. If not, oh well. With someone you love, you kind of want their face to be in your face at literally all times. Since it’s creepy to need that much actual face time, you settle for keeping their picture as your home screen on your phone or just like, have their picture on your phone so you can glance at it whenever you feel. You like this person, you like their face.

8. They let you do your own thing

They don’t feel the need to meddle in your personal shit all the time and you don’t feel that way either. They let you handle your weird work shit or creepy boss or strange roommate situation on your own. If you asked for support, sure, they’d help you out. They know you would be fine on your own; they just don’t want you to be alone.

9. It’s casual

You can be in a successful relationship and still keep it casual. There won’t be pressure to rush things along in search of your “life-partner”. There isn’t like a weird need to play texting games. They know you’ll get around to talking to them when you have time and when you feel like it. Your soulmate probably won’t freak the fuck out if you don’t text them good morning. 

10. It just feels real

The main thing we learn from LOVE, is that being in love means you just feel real when you’re in it. You won’t feel like you’re playing a game. You won’t feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. It will just feel chill. Hell, you might even feel happy. That’s LOVE.

Prepare to binge watch LOVE February 19 on NETFLIX. You’ll love it. We promise. Wink, wink. 


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