The New Sia Video Is A Bad Molly Trip

Sia released her new video for “Big Girls Cry” and it's weird as shit. Like if you thought the Elastic Heart video with Even Stevens was too much, then you probs shouldn't watch this because it's next level. It's basically 3 minutes of Maddie Ziegler doing different facial expressions and hand-dancing. Side bar: Maddie is a betch in training who still tries too hard, but she's the prettiest and best dancer on Dance Moms with a BSCB mom, so she's doing pretty well for a 12 year old.

In keeping with Sia's trend, Maddie is wearing the nude leotard and blonde wig. At one point she's almost strangled by some rando hands, whose nails are painted sorority-recruitment-pink. For comparison, it's remarkably similar to a bad molly trip where you think you're covered in bugs and drowning in a puddle. But at least Maddie can fit her whole fist in her mouth.



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