How Do I Make a Move On a Guy I’ve Already Hooked Up With? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I am a senior at college and a few weeks ago, a few shots too many, I hooked up with this guy at a party who I had never met before. Fast forward, I ran into him and he proceeded to give me his number and keep complimenting me in front of his friends.  We don’t really run in the same circles (probs why I never met him before this) so I haven’t hung out with him in a non-party setting. I have seen him out, and he always goes out of his way to come talk to me. Often times before he makes contact, I have caught him looking at me even while he’s talking to other girls. I do want to hook up with him again, but I don’t want to initiate it and at this point I’m doubtful that he will either since its been so many weeks…what do I do?  I do want him but I don’t really want to text him and put myself out there. My friends keep telling me that nothing will happen if I don’t and even if it doesn’t go as I hoped, after I graduate, I never have to see him again. But again, I don’t want to come across as a psycho clinger.

Help me!

Don’t Want to be Desparate

Dear Shy Ronnie,

Uh, you’re at a bar and you’re still acting this shy and weird? Take another shot, then let me know if you still have this problem.

In all seriousness, you’re really doing the most right now. This guy is showing interest in you, if you want him to think you’re interested you need to show interest back. That’s…how mutual interest works. Ya know, both parties. Example: when he tries to make eye contact with you, return the eye contact. Then go over and talk to him. Like serious question, when this guy talks to you do you like, respond? Or do you just stare down into your lap and giggle to yourself awkwardly?

There’ a 9/10 chance this bro wants to hook up with you again. Know how I know that? The simple fact that most guys want to hook up with most girls simply because we have vaginas. Throw in the fact that you’re an attractive girl (don’t leave me hanging here), and that he’s already gotten it in (assuming you don’t suck in bed)? This is a no-brainer. Grow a pair of balls and text this guy, before he loses interest or assumes you’re not into him. You’re not going to look like a psycho, unless you text him something psycho. Stick to a 2:30am “U up?” or “wanna come by later” or whatever the fuck you college kids booty call with nowadays, and I really don’t foresee any problems. Can’t do that? Okay, give your phone to a bestie and have her hit “send”  if you can’t bring yourself to do it. Hell, if you give me your phone I’ll do it, and I’ll even craft that perfectly coy-yet-forward response (for a fee). Somebody call the Shark Tank producers, I’ve got the next big business idea.

I’m just saying, if you think texting a guy who you have already hooked up with is “putting yourself out there,” god help you once you graduate.

Don’t overthink it,

The Betches

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