Showering At Night Can Improve Sleep

Every good betch knows that beauty sleep is key, but what exactly does that involve? Besides a 300 thread-count silk eye mask and a couple of Ambien, according to sleep scientists, taking a warm shower or bath at night helps you power down and sleep like the queen we know you are.

Hot water relaxes the muscles after a long day of pretending to work and lowers body tension—we know being you is like, really stressful. The warmer water temperature helps reduce anxiety, too. You might not even need the nighttime Xanny! And if you have a hangover you just can’t seem to kick, a warm shower will help release toxins from the skin. It can also act as a natural Advil, and combat headaches, as well as reduce swelling—TTYL under eye bags! And you should already know that the steam from the hot water will also open up your pores and get all the bad shit out. Moral of the story: Be hygienic, betches, clearly there are benefits.


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