Should I Hook Up With My Ex Who I’ve Started Speaking To Again? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

My ex and I dated for a few months and ended it because we wanted different things like I wanted to take it to the next step but he wasn't ready. Now we've started talking again so I don't know if I should have sex with him or make him wait when we hang out. Help a girl out!


A girl who has no clue what to do

Dear Cher Horowitz,

Sort of confused by this…so is the question like “should I hang out with my ex before inviting him back to my place or just invite him over to smash, no questions asked?” cause I feel like most of the times people fuck, they hang out in SOME capacity beforehand, right? Whatever.

Obv you should make your ex wait before hooking up with him, like is this even a question?? Like, even if it's just an hour over coffee, at least give the appearance that you're making him work for it. Have some fucking self respect. If you want to hook up with some guy at a moment's notice without caring about winning, go get a Tinder.

That was easy,

Staples (JK, The Betches, obv)

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