Is It Gross To Hook Up With Twins? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I am super confused with what to do and need your advice desperately before I fuck up. In high school I became really close with twin boys. To help make this less confusing I will refer to them as Twin A and Twin B. Twin A and I would hookup and do shit, we ended up losing our virginity to each other. He got really cocky and is rude to me but we still hookup occasionally. Twin B and I are really good friends now. He is so nice and we chill all the time. A couple of my friends have told me that Twin B has feelings for me and now I'm noticing it. I’m starting to think that I went for the wrong twin in high school. What are your opinions if I start hooking up with Twin B? Is this totally weird and gross? I know there are plenty of other eligible guys for me, but if Twin B makes a move I need to know if I can go for it or if I have to shut it down.


A Very Confused Betch

Dear Ms. Confused,

I think you’re making this a little more Gossip Girl than it really is. First of all, the fact that these guys are twins doesn’t really matter, but I know it’s weirding you out, so you just have to get over it.

From what I’ve gathered, Twin A is a major douche and you should stop hooking up with him no matter what you do with Twin B. Betches don’t bone guys who are rude.

Now for Twin B. I would explore things with him, but think through how this could affect your friend group. Dating two brothers can make can set the town on fire, but hey, it could be worse—there could be triplets.

Anyway, you should remember that you’re not in high school anymore and if you’re in college, you should leave your options open for all the frat bros there. Summer is almost over and you’ll be back on campus before you know it.

Some final words of wisdom: if the only relationship you’ll be ruining by hooking up with B is A, then do it. But if it’s going to throw off your whole dynamic with your friends at home, then keep it in your pants. There's nothing like trying to make twins into eskimo brothers also.


The Betches


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