Is It Weird To Get My Exclusive Hookup a Birthday Gift If We Just Starting Dating? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

So basically I have been hooking up with this guy since the beginning of the semester. At first it was just kind of a meaningless hookup and I did not have any feeling at all, but now we just became exclusive and we hang out regularly both sober and drunk. Anyway, his birthday is coming up soon, and even though we’ve been hooking up awhile, it seems like we’ve only been really “together” for a short time. Should I get him something small for his birthday, or just give him like a bj and say hbd? I know he really likes me, and I kind of have been the one putting on the breaks, but I still don’t want to come on too strong!


Girl with a normal issue


Sure, why not? Assuming you both decided mutually on being exclusive and like, actually talked about it, and not just like “well I know I’m not hooking up with anyone else and I don’t think he is either” (sounds crazy, but crazier things have happened in this advice column). Anyway, yeah,  I think a small gift would be appropriate. Something that says, “I actually pay attention when you talk to me,” incorporating something he has mentioned he likes. If you’re worried about coming on too strong, don’t spend a ton of money and don’t pick a gift that comes with a long-term commitment (like Bonnaroo tickets or something). Otherwise, this seems like a chill thing to do. Can’t believe I’m saying this (!!) but use your judgment. You seem sane. And I guess that’s the end of this column since I have nothing to rant or berate anyone about??? Wow, I’ve been wondering what that feels like.

Stop trying to make HBD happen tho,

The Betches

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