Shop Betches Is Having An Exclusive Sample Sale For NYC Betches!

Attention New York City betches: There’s a storm sample sale coming. That’s right, on September 13th Shop Betches will be selling exclusive items that you can’t get anywhere else. So what do you do now that you know what your next hump day looks like? You RSVP like a civilized and sophisticated individual—fucking duh. 

Let me break it down for you. On Wednesday, September 13th at We Work Times Square (1460 Broadway, 17th Floor, entrance on 41st Street) we will be selling merchandise you can’t even get online, and once its gone…it’s gone for good. I know. I’m hyperventilating too, so pop a Xanax, chant a mantra, play “…Ready For It” by sample-sale-level-of-crazy Taylor Swift on loop until you are ready. If none of the aforementioned gets you pumped, then walking through Times Square will def prepare you for swerving past other betches to get that coveted top or hat or whatever else you NEED. Because who are you kidding, you need all of it. Here’s some of the amazing deals you’ll find.

Shop Betches Sample Sale

Shop Betches Sample Sale

Sample sale season never ends if you work hard enough, but this one is your priority. RSVP HERE to save the date. See you there!


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