Run, Don’t Walk To!

Ummmmmm. have you checked out Shop Betches lately? We’ve added a bunch of new products that will have your fingers typing faster than if we said “Go to Kim’s snapchat!”

We’ve added throw pillows, pillow cases, restocked our infamous lashes & lips, restocked the new suede hat and the ultimate bad betches snapback, while also having time to add phone cases and a new collection. ~*hairflip, snap, backflip, middle finger*~ 

Shop all the new stuff now we know you are going to D-I-E. 


Throw Pillows Galore 

Make your bed even harder to leave with throw pillows that express those monday morning feels. 

Being Awake Sucks Throw Pillow $28 

Luxe Lashes Throw Pillow $28 

Gangsta Napper Pillows $28


Our BRAND NEW Pillow Cases!!!!

Be chic af with our newest additions for the sanctuary of sleep that is your bed.

Taking Naps and Checking Apps Pillow Cases $25 


Lashes & Lips Are Back!

You won’t be able to tell the difference when you fall asleep in last night’s make up on our classic pillow cases.

The Lashes Pillow Cases $25

The Lips Pillow Cases $25 

1800 Hotline Betch…. Phone Cases Have Arrived! 

You wouldn’t leave the house naked.. why would you let your phone?

Leaf Me Alone iPhone Case $20 

OG Hairflip Emoji iPhone Case $20 

Work From Home iPhone Case $20 

OG Snapback

From bad hair days to post spin, our OG snapback will tame frizz while letting everyone know who they’re dealing with. 

Limited Edition ‘Bad Betch’ Snapback $35 

I Didnt Get Your Text Suede Hat

Tell the age old lie without saying a word in this super chic hat.

I Didn’t Get Your Text Hat $30


and don’t forget about the other incredible things we already have in stock aka TWO perfect accesories for summer!

Betches x NCLA Summer Betch Nail Polish & Wraps Set

Now you have no excuse to let your nails go bare. 

Betches x NCLA Nail Polish & Wraps Set $16

Betches x Inked by Dani Tattoos

Be trendy af sans regret or parental disownment.

Betches x Inked by Dani Tatoos Part Deux $12



Ok you really should get going now. Girl bye. 









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