The Shop Betches Gift Guide All For Under $100!!

The holiday season is upon us and people keep saying things like giving is better than receiving. These people have obviously never known the fear of checking your debit account after a night of drinking/never known the joy of going on a shopping spree. But I have a feeling those people don’t have any friends. Lucky for you, you have plenty of relationships to maintain, so we’re taking the pain out of finding those gifts by picking out the perfect present for every betch in your crew. Oh, and there’s a little something in there for you, too.

For The Friend With A Drinking Problem

Bad Idea Shot Glass $12 | Hot Mess Shot Glass $12 | Bad Betch Shot Glass $12

 Happy Hour Coaster Set $75

Vodka Soda Tank $44 | Vodka Soda Beanie $22

photo credit: @delace_face

Drunk Enough For Pizza Tee $38

For a different type of drinking problem, try our Chanel Coffee Mug for $14.00.  

For The Workout Bestie 

Namast’op I Cant Even Tank $44 | Bad Betch Sports Bra $32 

Sh*t Betches Say Tank $44 | Barre So Hard Tank $44

Don’t Put Me Down For Cardio Tank $44 | You Can’t Spin With Us Tank $44

All My Shit’s in Here Bag $20 

And of course our best-selling IDK Football Tee for $38. 

photo credit: @peglegmeggo

For The Girl Who Thinks She’s An Interior Decorator Because She Has A Pinterest 

You’re not a designer, you just have internet access. 

The Lashes Pillow Cases starting at $25 | The Lips Pillow Cases starting at $25 | You’re Like Really Pretty Throw Pillow $20

On Winesday We Drink Pink Framed Print starting at $35


And our petch apporved Gangsta Napper Pillows which start at $20.

photo credit: @alanaravelle

For The Group Chat Besties 

Kicking Ass & Forgetting Names Phone Case  $30 | Bad Betch Phone Case $30 | I’m Not Not Psycho Phone Case $30

The Exclusive Betches Hair Ties (by 6D Hair Ties) each pack for $9

For The Friend Experiencing Winter 

Black Cards Only Sweater $88

Over It Girl Sweater $88


Haute Mess Beanie $22

The Lashes Texting Gloves $18 | The Whateever Texing Gloves $18 | The Betches Texting Gloves $18


For You

K. Bye Flowy Tank $44 | K. Whatever Tank $44

Netflix & Leave Me Alone Tank $44

And Coming Soon…. Betches x Saint Hoax Phone Cases

Designed by the uber cool poplitically incorrect artist Saint Hoax, whose original artwork you can have on your most prized possession.

These phone cases will be avaible Thursday, Decemer 10th ONLY at 


Also make sure to follow @shopbetches on instagram for our Decembetch seven days of ah-mazing sales!! And if you want to get the home decor items and phone cases in time, make sure to order before December 10th!

Happy Shopping!!!


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