The One Cyber Monday Sale You Don’t Want To Miss

Having fun catching up with all the emails you missed while home for Thanksgiving? Well, stop passive-aggressively typing “as per my last email,” and go shop the Shop Betches Cyber Monday Sale. Honestly, you’re not going to be productive at work today anyway, so you might as well buy some shit. Plus it’s a sale, so you’re making a good financial decision. Who say’s we didn’t learn anything in Econ 101—oh, our transcripts.

We all know that doctor’s orders for a bad case of the Mondays is shopping online, so use the code LETSCYBER to get 30% off our site. This is the perfect excuse to buy whatever has been in your cart for the past month. Yes you do need that hat, and no you do not have enough candles. Keep an excel doc open in case your boss walks past, but go ahead and invest in yourself with our Cyber Monday Sale. Tis officially the season to buy shit. Here’s a little preview of some of the stuff you should buy for yourself all your friends and family.

There Better Be Good Shit In Here Christmas Stocking 

Shop Betches Christmas Stocking

What? You were thinking it.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Shop Betches Ugly Christmas Sweater

For when you’re kind of into doing Santa Con or another ugly Christmas sweater party, but not really.

Holiblaze Candle

Shop Betches Holiblaze Candle

This candle will make your room smell amazing so you can put off cleaning it for another day. Maybe.

The Lashes Beanie

Shop Betches Lashes Beanie

This best-seller is back, but probably not for long if last year is any indication. Grab this now before it sells tf out and you regret all your choices. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Head over to Shop Betches NOW and don’t forget to use the code LETSCYBER for 30% off your purchase!

Images: Hipster Mum / Unsplash; Shop Betches (4)


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